Aug. 28th, 2018, ‘Robotics and Automation News’, an international web media, featured the collaboration and initiatives of GROUND and HIT ROBOT GROUP (hereinafter “HRG”), the largest group of robot companies in China. In the collaboration, GROUND and HRG will build a logistics platform for Intelligent Logistics Centers®*, which are next-generation logistics facilities that realize Intelligent Logistics®*, and conduct a joint demonstration of logistics technologies such as robots and AI in China. The article refers to the endorse comments from our CEO, Mr. Miyata and Mr. Wang Hongbo, President at HRG.

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*: “Intelligent Logistics Center®” and “Intelligent Logistics®” are registered trademarks or trademarks of GROUND Inc.

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GROUND provides innovative solutions based on the world’s most advanced technologies in the logistics and distribution industry (LogiTech), aiming to achieve Intelligent Logistics®, its original concept that applies the latest technologies such as AI and robotics.

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