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Hyper Warehouse

Next-generation logistics facilities
to realize sustainable logistics

The impact of logistics facilities operations centering on AI, robots and other leading-edge technologies is maximized only through an appropriate operating system (OS). By building this OS to be the foundation of logistics facilities, we can enable logistics facilities to grow flexibly in accordance with the times and needs by freely combining leading-edge technologies based on applications while fully leveraging existing material handling equipment.

On the OS, the overall status of logistics facilities are thoroughly visualized. And behind this, an array of events that continually vary from hour to hour are converted into logistics data and systematized to enable their visualization.

At the same time, an environment (virtual space) for the utilization of logistics data and the verification of optimization is also provided, and the huge amount of transaction data is analyzed quickly and elaborately using leading-edge technologies. As a result, future forecasts and the detection of abnormalities are done on a near-real-time basis, thus enabling people working in logistics sites to receive appropriate instructions and alerts. Further, supervisors will be able to monitor the operating status of multiple facilities remotely without being present in the logistics facilities all the time. This enables people to focus on duties with higher added value, realizing a high level of operations at logistics facilities.

We help create logistics facilities where AI makes high-level and complex judgments while robots operate in highly adaptive manners, allowing people to create added value. These facilities accumulate logistics data which improves the accuracy of predictions, and the array of systems repeatedly update software in a cloud environment to improve their performance.

At GROUND, we call the next-generation logistics facilities which implement this new OS “Hyper Warehouse.”

Conceptual rendering of Hyper Warehouse

Conceptual rendering of Hyper Warehouse