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Consultation Services for Logistics Digital Transformation (DX)

Both shipper companies and logistics companies are pressed to reform logistics to adapt to the changing external environment, including external factors such as changes in the macro environment and consumer behaviors. However, knowledge that consistently works for each of the strategic, tactical and implementation layers is required to accomplish effective reforms.

The consultation services for logistics digital Transformation (DX) provided by GROUND are based on deep knowledge in the strategic, tactical and implementation layers of logistics and supply chain management (SCM). We are ready to support the entire process from planning to the implementation of a consistent, coherent logistics strategy.


  • We work as one team with customers

    Working as a team with customers, we envision and shape the desired logistics features and operations and follow through on the plan until the operations are established, applying our solutions which include the advanced technologies of GROUND (systems using robots and AI), our knowledge and on-site experience in operations, our unique global information collection network and other resources.

  • We are a project management office that is suited to the individual customer

    As a third-party project management office, we lead customers' projects to success leveraging the project management skills of GROUND consultants to comprehensively support the organization of meetings, the solution to issues, the creation of documents, and the accomplishment of other tasks for facilitating the project.

Specialists and consultants for the highly effective DX of logistics that complies with the many constraints on operations

The number of technological solutions applicable in the logistics domain, such as AI and robots, has been increasing. However, these solutions must be introduced strategically to achieve the expected results. In addition, you need the ability to adapt and establish solutions with an understanding of the different conditions of the site while complying with constraints on operations.

In our consultation services, our specialists with full knowledge of on-site operations and our consultants with a wealth of project experience help customers achieve a highly effective DX of their logistics applying their knowledge accumulated through their experience introducing robots and AI software in the logistics domain.

These services are available in a wide range of domains.
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Examples of Our Consultation Services for Logistics DX

  • - Professional services supporting the establishment of new next-generation logistics centers applying leading-edge technologies such as robots and AI solutions, throughout the entire process from plotting, requirement identification, selection of solutions, support for the introduction of solutions, and support for the establishment of operations
  • - Strategy formulation, new operation design, and support for the establishment of operations, aimed at improving operations at existing logistics facilities
  • - Support for the establishment to operations of logistics management process (KPI) with a view toward the use of digital technologies
  • - Assessment services for the introduction of material handling equipment or robots
  • - Support for plotting, requirement determination, and the introduction of a Warehouse Execution System for the renovation of a logistics system