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Our Vision

A future where logistics are
sustainable for everyone, forever.

In recent years, people have been shifting rapidly to online purchasing. This has led to growing demand for logistics infrastructure to keep products appropriately in stock and deliver them accurately and quickly. However, the labor supporting these logistics is running short on a global level. To fundamentally solve this problem, the realization of operational reforms and the pursuit of thorough streamlining are essential.

Intelligent Logistics® which GROUND advocates is an innovative approach to conventional logistics operations. It is the realization of flexible, innovative logistics using leading-edge technologies and the creation of a new environment where the people working on the front lines of logistics are able to take on the roles with the highest added value.

GROUND is a group of professionals who have risen up to confront and fundamentally solve the logistics crisis that the world is facing. We act every day to create a future where logistics are sustainable for everyone, forever, by developing and providing solutions using AI, robots, and other leading-edge technologies.

Our Mission

We are a group of professionals assembled to pioneer the future of logistics.

Each of us contributes passion, intelligence and technology, and deploys those qualities in a hands-on approach to identify logistics issues and make ceaseless efforts to develop solutions.

Using AI and robots, we produce highly adaptable logistics infrastructure. To accomplish this, we aggressively develop and provide state-of-the-art solutions, increase the speed at which these products are implemented in society, and facilitate the constant development in the world of logistics.

GROUNDのCorporate Value