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Security Policy

Information Security Policy

We at GROUND Inc. always keep in mind that the safe handling of information forms the foundation of the trust of all stakeholders, in order for us to respond to the expectations of our customers and earn their confidence.
We strive to secure confidence in our corporate activities by complying with laws and social requirements and building and implementing a management system for handling information assets accurately and safely.
We also state that all officers and employees comply with the system and handle and protect information assets with an unified awareness.

  • - We will build a system for maintaining and continuing to improve information security.
  • - We will formulate and observe rules to protect information security.
  • - We will conduct appropriate risk assessments to protect information assets from information security threats. We will take appropriate security measures to protect information assets from leakage, loss, destruction, alteration, and other risks.
  • - We will review our management system regularly to maintain and improve it.
  • - We will provide employees with appropriate training on information security to increase their awareness of information security issues.
  • - We will comply with laws and regulations related to copyright and other intellectual property rights, the protection of personal information, and the businesses we operate, as well as the requirements of contracts with our customers and business partners.
  • - We will take punitive action based on the rules of employment against anyone who violated this Information Security Policy and internal rules.

May 1, 2019
Hiratomo Miyata
Founder & Chief Executive Officer